GoHands Plans to Upgrade PC in Order to Run ‘Hand Shakers’


The anime studio GoHands have announced earlier this week that they plan to upgrade their PC in order to run the anime they are currently producing this season: Hand Shakers. The studio’s plans were revealed when a user on a PC building community created a post asking for advice on a computer capable of rendering 3D animation within a 2D scene. The post went on to explain in broken English how the computer should have the ability to “move many scene and many angle” and “make 3D female character breast animation.”

The visual aspects of Hand Shakers has so far confused viewers this season; many are divided on whether the jerky animation and disorienting camera angles are an intentional stylistic choice. As the focus of the anime is clearly not characters or writing, the current state of the visuals is perplexing.

GoHands had initially withheld comment on the matter but has since confirmed that the studio does indeed plan to upgrade their rendering workstation. A GoHands producer revealed to Anime Maru that the scenes currently used in Hand Shakers were running as fast as their current machine could handle them– around 10 to 15 frames per second. Additionally, some scenes the settings had to be turned down in order to avoid overloading the system.

“With many scene and many fight, Hand Shakers be more and more excite!,” GoHands told Anime Maru. “But when too much excite in scene then computer run more and more slow. We sometimes use same scene otherwise too slow. With new computer now Hand Shakers can be number one action!”

A GoHands representative stated that viewers can expect the final episode of Hand Shakers to be the most visually impressive yet with more camera spins, lens flares, and rotating 3D stock assets than any other episode.

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