Gonzo Rebuilds Office Entirely in CGI


TOKYO, Japan – Renovations on Gonzo’s new studio were recently completed just in time for the release of their latest series, Sore ga Seiyuu, or for the non-otaku that happened to wander onto this page, Seiyuu’s Life. Gonzo ambitiously decided to renovate their studio in the style of their “critically acclaimed” CGI designs.

Not only was the building renovated, but so was everything inside of it! The recording studio was made to replicate Sore ga Seiyuu by including microphones made entirely out of their high-definition 3D pixel images. It has yet to be determined whether or not these microphones are actually functional; however multiple Gonzo employees claim that “they look cool”.

We interviewed Studio Gonzo co-founder Mahiro Maeda, whose enthusiasm was higher than the body count of Urobutcher’s scripts for Blassreiter. “It’s been awhile since I’ve done CGI work for Gonzo, and now I crave more.” He has since been holed up in the building NHK style.

One visitor, a Vash/Integra crossplayer said that as he took a tour of the building the CGI began to look worse and worse. “As the tour went on, you could really tell that the quality dropped once you hit the restrooms. I’m pretty sure that was a toilet I was using…”

After the success of Studio Gonzo’s newly designed building, other studios are planning to follow suit. Studio Trigger has already announced plans to adapt the storyboard section of their office into a clip-art motif. “We’re impressed with the success of Gonzo’s refined studio,” commented co-founder Hiroyuki Imaishi. “We are starting with the storyboard section to see how well it flows with the rest of our office.”

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