GOP Consultant: Sanders Supporters are “Happily Married Fathers Who Don’t Masturbate to Anime at All”


Republican media consultant Rick Wilson made headlines earlier this week when he dismissed Donald Trump supporters as “childless single men who masturbate to anime” and claimed they were not part of the mainstream conservative movement. Though his unexpected hyperbole drew amusement and confusion, Wilson implied that Trump’s success in the Republican party does not mean establishment conservatism is struggling — or so we think.

This morning on Fox News, Wilson again drew attention when he attempted to discredit the campaign of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, charging that Sanders’s base was composed of “happily married fathers who don’t masturbate to anime at all.”

“See, they’re all happily-married fathers who don’t masturbate to anime at all. They’re not real political players. They’re a bunch of normies whose opinions don’t matter at all,” Wilson said of Sanders supporters on Fox News’s Fox and Friends.

When Steve Doocy asked Wilson what these phrases meant and how he knew about them, Wilson appeared to mutter “baka gaijin” under his breath before continuing his rant.

“Republicans have nothing to worry about in Bernie Sanders; he doesn’t have an osananajimi’s chance in a harem anime of getting elected,” Wilson continued. “These are people who don’t sit on the internet posting on anime forums for hours at a time. They’re a bunch of socialist 3DPD’s who don’t even know the feel of curling up with your dakimakura and enjoying a Lolita Channel book.”

When asked about other Presidential candidates, Wilson claimed that, “Hillary supporters are people who don’t know how to get past the sad panda.”

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