Gundam Fans Collectively Decide SEED is Too Easy of a Target


SMYRNA,TN — At the recent Zeonicon, Gundam fans from around the world decided to stop criticizing Gundam SEED. According to con goers, fans came to this decision almost unanimously. With so little opposition it would seem that SEED’s time as the fandom’s punching bag is finally up.

“SEED is just so easy to make fun of.” Gundam fan club president Cher Aznapple explains. “Everything from the animation, to the voice acting, and even the plot itself is ludicrously bad. There’s just no point in shitting on something that’s already that awful.”

This came as a relief to actual fans of Gundam SEED, who have been persecuted since 2005. Forums and image boards have since lit up with nothing but praise for SEED. “I can finally stop defending SEED by saying that Stargazer is worth it,” wrote one user. Another added: “At least now I can stop hiding my SEED DVDs. Now if only I could say the same for my ZZ box set…” One board even greeted users with a new header that simply read: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank Kira Yamato, we are free at last!”

SEED’s Director, Mitsuo Fukuda, was reportedly pleased with this change.

However, this new reality leaves a void of which series to shit on next. Professional Gundam Experts predict a steady increase in negative criticisms toward the original Mobile Suit Gundam, while some forecast a huge spike in Zeta related shit posts.

Aznapple has his own theories, saying that “We really need to be directing more hate toward the other AUs. Reconguista in G is new, so it’ll be easy to shit on. Wing, G, and 00 don’t get nearly enough hate. Both Build Fighters seasons are just bad toy commercials. And people just seem to gloss over Turn A’s hideous mustache, who thought that was a good idea?”

Syd Mead was unavailable to comment in response.

With SEED bashing finally laid to rest, there is hope that other shows will get similar treatment. After all, AGE wasn’t that bad, was it?

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