Guy From ‘Yesterday wo Utatte’ Literally Just You, Study Reveals

A study published in the Journal of Modern Visual Culture has found solid evidence indicating that Rikuo Uozumi, the main character from Yesterday wo Utatte, is actually just literally you.

The researchers involved in the study found that you are likely a person old enough not to be considered a teen, but hardly of the age to be considered an actually competent adult either. Statistics also seems to point out that at the moment you are kind of wondering if you are on the right path in life, awkwardly stumbling forward while at the same time being somewhat mildly existential about it all. Visually you look just like any other human being, all-around very inoffensive, yet hardly something that could be considered memorable either.

The study also found that you had some sort of hobby you moderately enjoyed while you were younger, but looking at how things are now, you can’t exactly be described as “passionate” about it anymore. To be frank, you’re already pressed for time as it is to really fully get back into it again.

In light of the findings, it also seems imminent that a cute, slightly mysterious young girl will soon inexplicably appear from somewhere and help you lead the introspective journey where you finally rediscover yourself again. A comparative study was also revealed that there is a slight chance for romance to blossom despite you not being a very interesting individual. If you just keep waiting and it’ll surely happen any day now.

Finally the study also suggests to take a peek at the soon airing third season of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru and the protagonist Hikigaya Hachiman to see literally you back in high school, sitting there all antisocial and secretly thinking you are a little bit better than everyone else.

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