Guy Who Claims to Understand All the Jokes in ‘Pop Team Epic’ is Full of Shit

KISSIMMEE, FL — Acquaintances of 24-year-old anime fan Donald Reimer have grown increasingly suspicious over the past few weeks with regards to his claim to understand all the jokes in the surreal 4-koma adaptation Pop Team Epic. Observers noted that during group watches, Reimer reacted to each gag, emphasizing his reactions when no one else reacted.

According to reports, Reimer’s reactions would range from near-lunatic laughter to a smug chuckle, but he would always comment “what, you guys don’t get it?” when he is the only one to react.

It didn’t take long for Reimer’s friends to begin doubting his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of anime, manga, and nuances of Japanese pop culture. When pressed for more details about the context of a particular gag, he reportedly just mutters, “it’s a reference to a really obscure manga that you guys haven’t heard of.”

Reimer himself doesn’t seem to be too bothered by these allegations, though he admits he is hurt that his friends suspect him.

“They’re just jealous that I know more about anime and manga than them,” Reimer tells Anime Maru. “It’s a lot of work, knowing everything. But that’s the life of a true fan.”

Before leaving, our interviewer asked him about his opinion on Doki Doki Literature Club. Reimer responded that it was “one of his favorite anime.”

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