Hackers Find Personal Information of Thousands of Anime Fans Completely Useless


The popular anime streaming service Anime Seppun has announced earlier this week that they suffered a massive data breach after being hacked. The stolen data include the names, credit card information, birthdays, and other identifiable information for thousands of subscribers. Hackers reportedly accessed a vulnerability in the site’s Java-based video player and managed to steal the financial data of all of the site’s subscribers.

Upon reviewing the stolen data, however, hackers soon realized that there was almost nothing to do with it. They reportedly found maxed-out credit cards and empty bank accounts, all spent on buying anime goods. After countless invoices filled with figure collections, Blu-Rays, and trips to Japan, the hackers realized their mistake.

“We wanted to one-up the guys who hacked Equifax,” the group leader told Anime Maru on the basis of anonymity. “No one has ever hacked an anime site before — now we know why.”

The group found a few individuals with healthy credit, but after also discovering the users’ anime waifu they were reluctant to steal their identities.

Anime Seppun is a relatively new streaming site, and but has grown quickly by being anything other than Anime Strike or Netflix. This break is a huge blow for the company, whose customers will likely go back to illegal streaming sites that have never tried to steal their information before.

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