“Hanamonogatari” Delayed for No Particular Reason


Offering no substantive justification, animation studio SHAFT has announced today that Hanamonogatari, the sixth part of the Monogatari series, has been further delayed to early 2015. In an official statement, animation studio SHAFT stated that the previously-delayed anime adaptation of NisiOisin’s “Suruga Devil” story is being delayed again “because we can”.

An announcement in May had all five episodes scheduled for August 16th, but a new change in plans has changed the release date to “later”.

“For no particular reason, we have decided to push the airing of Hanamonogatari out into the distant future,” director Shinbou Akiyuki, told reporters while choking back laughter. “Deal with it, nerds.”

“Boom, you just got SHAFTed!” the 52-year-old Shinbou concluded while making an obscene gesture towards reporters.

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