‘Happy Sugar Life’ as Reviewed by an Actual Murderer

Jason (last name withheld)

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a convicted murderer. Today, I am going to review Happy Sugar Life and offer my own personal insight on this anime.

Lately many people have recommended I check out this recent anime called Happy Sugar Life. The name doesn’t sound that grim-dark so it’s a welcome change to my usual shows, and I’m not afraid of new experiences or anything. One of the main characters, high school freshman Matsuzaka Satou, is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. I’d honestly kill, even more than I already have, to see her get more roles, seeing how she is nowadays featured only in about 75% of all airing anime, which is not nearly enough and makes me super angry.

So apparently this follows a dismemberment case. I already noticed this from the intro. I’m a big fan of these cases — that’s what we usually call “hack and slash”. The bags do bleed through, which is kind of unsanitary and in worst case might even give the police a trail to follow. From this scene I can tell the girl is obviously an amateur. Pro tip here is to use some synthetic material, like a plastic garbage bag. Never have to worry about this shit again. Put that into your fucking notebook, guys.

This scene is pretty accurate. It’s actually really difficult to scrub blood off the walls. The human body has approximately 5 liters of blood, which is real messy, so they definitely nailed that down here. Superb work. I’m a tiny bit disappointed they didn’t showcase any other bodily fluids people usually leak when dismembered, but hey it’s a family show, so they’re not gunning for full realism. I can understand that.

So yeah, what a brilliant show. This was super interesting, not only because I’m a huge murder fanboy, but because the story managed to be so immersive. They really brilliantly showcase madness by making each and every character really unrealistic and absolute insane, which I’m sure is just symbolism and not actually bad character writing. 8/10.

So I’m definitely going to be covering more of these episodes in the future, thanks to everyone who recommended this show to me, wouldn’t have found it otherwise. And as usual, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Patreon to give me some dosh to buy shivs with, see you all next time!

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