Harem Anime Protagonist Shocked to Find so Few Potential Love Interests in Dating Sim

OKAYAMA, Japan — Kodaka Saito, a harem anime protagonist, was shocked and disappointed at the number of potential love interests in a dating sim he has started playing, according to a recent tweet.

“I know these games are supposed to be fictional, but how can a male lead function and have a normal life with just four potential love interests?” tweeted Saito.

These comments have led to some controversy among Saito’s family and friends.

“Kids these days just have no appreciation that life can be hard,” said Kodaka’s father Kyosuke. “Growing up I only had four love interests in high school. And I only was able to end up with two of them.”

“You can tell he comes from a position of real privilege; for us girls, having only three other romantic rivals is like a dream come true,” said childhood friend Yozara Hiyama. “But still, I love him for all his lukewarm charm and the fact he is the only male with speaking lines.”

We reached out to the game creators for comment on the controversy.

“We always appreciate the thoughts of our fans, but harem protagonists aren’t really the target market for our games,” explained game designer Nobu Takahashi. “We look for people who want to engage in a deep and engaging storyline of pure love and heartfelt drama. And then, if it is 18+, multiple scenes of doing it with tasteful mosaic.”

We reached out to Saito for additional comment but were told it was now time for the culture fest and everyone had moved on from dating sims and would never speak of them again.

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