Hatsune Miku Caught Lip-Syncing During Concert



DALLAS, TX: Yesterday Japanese pop-idol Hatsune Miku was caught lip-syncing to her song “Weekender Girl” during the middle of a live show on her American tour. Fans were outraged to learn that Miku wasn’t actually singing her songs live at the concert.

“So there we were, Miku just finished a duet with Megurine Luka, and the band starts performing “Weekender Girl,” but Miku doesn’t start singing, but she is mouthing the lyrics, and she’s doing the dance routine like usual. She’s just up there on stage dancing for like 30 seconds like nothing is wrong, then suddenly she vanishes from the stage, without even apologizing! Sure, the show manager apologized and said there was a technical issue, but I know what I saw, Miku clearly assumed there was a vocal track but wasn’t actually singing.”

Afterwards Miku went right into her next song without addressing the previous number, which was met with boos from the disappointed audience. The concert compensated by moving up numbers starring other idols like Kagamine Len and Rin, but the audience’s trust was lost, as it was assumed those idols were also in on Miku’s lip-syncing, and the concert was ended early.

Some of Miku’s fanbase has defended her lip-syncing, saying, “Look, she may still look like the 16-year-old girl she was when she started, but that was in 2007, and those 10 years of constant performance have to have strained Miku a little. Honestly maybe she just thought her American tour wasn’t as important and wanted a break, I’m sure this is just a one time thing she doesn’t usually do.”

Meanwhile, other fans were less forgiving. “When Miki Hoshii from 765 Productions had to fill in for Ryugu Komachi on the fly, she didn’t lip-sync, she did two intense performances in a row. That’s the professionalism of a real idol, something Hatsune Miku should aspire to.”

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