Head Of Omurice Fast Food Chain Indicted In Product Placement Scandal

TOKYO – Takakazu Katsushika, the CEO and founder of the Omurice chain of fast food restaurants, has been indicted on charges of bribing studio executive in return for widespread omurice product placement in anime.

The scandal erupted following the publication of an expose by investigative journalist Hazama Honda in the Tokyo Tamanegi newspaper, and has led to the arrest of several anime studio executives and of the Omurice magnate himself. “I first began investigating the story because I can’t stand omurice,” said Honda, who is currently working on a documentary about the scandal called Cracking A Few Eggs: The Making Of Omurice. “I couldn’t understand why a dish that awful kept appearing in anime. It made no sense to me that so many in the anime industry independently and coincidentally decided to commonly feature omurice in their shows. Lo and behold, after some digging around, I discovered an entire system of payoffs for executives that were conditional upon their inclusion of omurice product placement in their shows.”

The studio executives have denied any involvement in the scandal, as has Katsushika himself, but a Tokyo court has issued a temporary order barring Omurice from operating until the trial date.


Omurice locations have been temporarily shut down by court order

Omurice locations have been temporarily shut down by court order

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