Heartwarming: Homeless Man Receives Free Funimation Premium Trial

Say hello to Peter Sargrove, a homeless man living in Camden, New Jersey.


Sargrove has been homeless for five years now. As the weather turns cold, the days become more and more difficult.


That is, until a kind stranger gave him a free trial to FunimationNow Premium.


This allows Sargrove to watch Funimation’s entire anime library — including this season’s hottest shows, like Black Clover and The Ancient Magus’ Bride¬†ad-free, anytime, anywhere and even dubbed!


The two week free trial will end on Christmas. But until then, Sargrove can enjoy his favorite anime while supporting the original Japanese creators.


Funimation doesn’t have this season’s best show, Girls’ Last Tour — but even so, faith in humanity: restored!


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