Hibike! Euphonium Season Two Canceled due to Band Breakup

After the success of
Hibike! Euphonium in spring of 2015, fans were were ecstatic when Kyoto Ani confirmed they would be continuing the series. However, today at 3 PM JST Kyoto Ani suddenly announced it would be pulling the second season from production, which was followed by Kyoto Ani admitting through their official twitter account that the cancellation was due to the Kitauji High School concert band breaking up.real fake tweet kyoFans were understandably shocked and upset to hear that not only was the anime being cancelled, but the band was breaking up. Soon, due to the massive outcry for more information the band’s director Noboru Taki released more information on the nature of the break up. On twitter he stated that “Unfortunately the girls have been drifting apart for some time.”real fake tweet directorTaki went on to explain that the band had been planning to stay together at least through the production of the second season; however, tensions dramatically rose after Sapphire criticized Kumiko’s musical talent and Reina responded by trying to gouge out Sapphire’s eyes with a rusty guitar pick. Since then there has been little communication between the members of the band.

Unfortunately, there is little reason to believe the situation will change, as this story seems to be par for the course when it comes to Kyoto Ani’s music anime. K-ON!! infamously lost its planned college season after Mio finally got tired of Mugi’s desert thievery and broke her bass over her head and the simple inclusion of a concert scene in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya erased its author from existence.


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