Homeless Man Consumes ‘Gal and Dinosaur’ Straight From the Trash

Homeless man Noah House, having fallen on some hard times and feeling hungry, decided to resort to checking the seasonal anime scraps of spring 2020 for sustenance. A staggering amount of stale anime are thrown into the thrash every season, and House was once again positively surprised to find a barely touched Gal and Dinosaur among the leftovers.

“Especially the strange live action segments were virtually untouched,” House commented. “You’d think that even something like this would gather more of a crowd in this economy, but I guess not.”

House seemed grateful for something different from the large amount of light novel adaptation garbage he usually consumes. With his Funimation free trial having expired several months ago, the impoverished man says that he now takes whatever leftovers he can get.

“After consuming garbage for so long, you just kind of get used to it,” House admitted.

Estimates show that average anime consumers drop approximately 3 series every season, most of them only after a handful of episodes. Luckily the amount of recycled anime and manga is on the rise, and most of the discarded isekai and harem stories are still able to find themselves back on the shelves with minimum changes to packaging material.

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