‘Houkago Teibou Nisshi’ Episode Preview: The Club Gets Arrested for Illegal Whaling

The fishing slice of life anime series Houkago Teibou Nisshi (Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater) has been indefinitely postponed, according to distributors. However, this hasn’t stopped studio Doga Kobo from releasing teaser information on the next upcoming episode.

The studio has revealed that the next episode will have the club members embark on their first deep sea fishing adventure as they attempt to catch a whale. Freshman newcomer Hina-chan is initially concerned about her ability to help hunt such a large animal, but it supported by her friends along the way.

Club President Kuroiwa secures a boat for the club to use by borrowing one from some of the older fisherman at the docks. The club heads out into open waters where Natsumi shows Hina how to use a sonar device to find the location of nearby whales. After several hours of tracking the group is finally able to spot a small group of minke whales.

Ohno-senpai instructs Hina on how to operate a harpoon canon and tells Hina to wait until one of the whales breaks the surface of the water before firing. Although nervous, Hina manages to strike the whale with the high-powered harpoon as her clubmates cheer her on. The gore is too much for Hina to handle, however, and she faints while the club president proceeds to finish it off with a rifle.

Hina regains consciousness to see her fellow club members being detained by the Coast Guard officers for their unauthorized whaling activity. The episode ends as Hina is tearfully dragged away by the officers to await trial back on land.

Although there has still been no statement yet on when the series will continue airing, if it follows the manga, future episodes are expected to follow the club members as they encounter Greenpeace.

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