Hulu Finally Gets Around to Cleaning Out Its Anime Catalog


On June 1, Hulu’s licensing deals with several anime companies including Funimation, Sentai and NIS are set to expire, resulting in over 150 anime being taken off of the website. In an official statement, the company expressed their earnest relief to have finally gotten rid of so many anime from their catalog.

“We’d been meaning to clean out our anime catalog for a while now, but we just kept putting it off. For a while there we were just licensing anything we could get our hands on, which resulted in us having a vast and tremendously varied anime library. Thankfully we’re moving on from that phase of our lives, and are cutting anime from our site accordingly.”

“I mean, we’re keeping all the important and high quality shows like One Punch Man and Yu-Gi-Oh and Fairy Tail, but some of these shows we don’t even remember licensing. Like, Ping Pong? Love Live? Shirobako? Are these shows people even watch?”

“Most of the shows we’re getting rid of are on Crunchyroll or Funimation anyway, so I doubt any anime fans care about us getting rid of this crap. Even our more obscure titles like Canaan and Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth are on Daisuki, which we’re pretty sure is where anime fans already watch all their anime anyway. Yeah, we have a couple of exclusive anime, but it’s just stuff like True Tears and Junkers Come Here, which we’re absolutely certain no one cares about.”

Reportedly, Hulu plans to use the additional space previously taken up by anime to add to their great lineup of Hulu original animated series like The Awesomes and Mother Up!

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