‘Hunter x Hunter’ Fans Suddenly Thankful For Not Getting New Anime Season

Fans of Togashi Yoshihiro’s iconic manga series Hunter x Hunter and its anime adaptation have unexpectedly expressed relief and gratitude over the fact that no new anime has been announced for the shounen action franchise. The anime completed airing in 2014 after 148 episodes, leaving viewers anticipating Gon’s adventures on the Dark Continent.

Possibly influenced by the ongoing final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, most Hunter x Hunter fans have resolved that the Dark Continent, and whatever else Togashi may be planning, can wait.

“On second thought, Togashi should take his time with the manga,” the top voted comment in the HunterxHunter subreddit states. “After seeing what could happen to a television show that gets too far ahead of the source material, we will patiently wait a new anime once he is done — probably in 40 years or so.”

In the recent weeks, rumors have spread about a Succession Contest arc adaptation with a plot that is mostly invented by the animation studio. Reportedly, Hisoka just gets stabbed once by Noko and dies, and Kurapika goes mad and murders the entire Hunter Association.

Leaked details of several episodes where Meleoron and Melody sit around talking and then have explicit sex may have been too much to bear for Hunter x Hunter fans, who pleaded with Madhouse to work on other anime instead.

“We were all sad when the anime ended after the Chairman Election arc, but in retrospect it really wasn’t that bad of a place to end. We can’t really expect Togashi to deliver more satisfying ending at this point, and it’s better than letting the show devolve into fan fiction,” one comment online read. “If I wanted to watch an anime with countless episodes where things just happen for no reason and consequence, I’d still be watching One Piece.

Meanwhile, Fullmetal Alchemist fans are eagerly waiting to see which Game of Thrones character ends up meeting Adolf Hitler.

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