‘ImoCho’ Themed Drinks Not Well Received by Public

Korean actor Jang Keun-suk appears in a advertisement for Imouto Juice

OSAKA — A spokesperson for Sangaria Beverage Co., Ltd has stated in a press briefing Friday that it is discontinuing their product Imouto Juice. Imouto Juice is a strawberry-flavored soda inspired by the anime Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga. The Osaka-based beverage company collaborated with animation studio Project No. 9 to create the new product, based off a prevalent item in the show.

In the anime, the female lead Kanzaki Mitsuki wears a magical heart-shaped chastity belt that gradually fills up with an arbitrary fluid as she is encouraged and possessed by a ghost to seduce her older brother.

“Customers have not been as receptive to our new product as our forecasts suggest,” explains Sangaria spokesperson Yamamoto Azuri. “We are not sure why the show isn’t as popular as we expected it to be.”

Sales have been described as ‘dismal’, with some convenience store managers complaining of customers becoming visibly ill upon seeing the product on shelves and running out of the store. A few weeks ago, inspectors at the Ministry of Health confirmed that the soda is mostly “carbonated water and corn syrup” and forced Sangaria to remove labeling suggesting the beverage was “fresh from Mitsuki’s secret spot”. This action did not seem to have an impact on sales.

Sangaria is expected to introduce a new Sakura Trick inspired soda next month to replace Imouto Juice.

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