In First Unanimous Decision, Japanese Diet Declares ‘Idol Jihen’ is Terrible


TOKYO, Japan — The National Diet of Japan came to a historical decision this week when the assembly unanimously declared that 2017 TV anime Idol Jihen is ‘terrible’ and unfit to be promoted to the general mass public. The historical vote is the first in the Diet’s history to be agreed upon by all members since its formation in 1947.

The show from MAPPA was being evaluated as  a potential holdover until more idol shows could arrive to hopefully calm the concerns of the public. Unfortunately, the show appeared unfit to be able to do so and began getting panned by Diet members not long into its second week of review.

“We thought Idol Jihen would be a perfect series to promote in order to both tide over the public as they restlessly await more high profile idol shows, as well as to encourage citizens to be more active in their local government,” the legislative body decreed in its Anime-Planet review. “Unfortunately it just turned out really dull with potential that never really went anywhere. It might have been half decent if it at least had more songs, but it couldn’t even pull that off right.”

Initially, the motion to declare Idol Jihen terrible was not unanimous as Tadayoshi Ichida of the Japanese Communist Party proposed that Idol Jihen was simply mediocre. Ichida admitted some flaws but praised the anime’s display of strength for the working class idol. His decision was retracted after the fourth episode as the House of Councillors member realized he was bored.

The Diet of Japan has encouraged the public to watch literally any other idol anime instead. Yes, even The iDOLM@STER SideM.

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