Industry in Peril Due to Cancellation of Single Isekai Anime

Anime as we know it is falling apart, after Seven Arcs announced earlier this week that the anime adaption of Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai De slated this fall was being discontinued. The announcement comes after the author of the eponymous light novel became caught up in controversy due to racist tweets from years ago, and over the perceived inclusion of those themes within the novel itself.

Industry analysts and fans are left struggling to figure out how anime will go on with one fewer anime about waking up in a parallel fantasy world. Akihabara was ominously silent Wednesday night, as the multi-billion dollar industry was bought to its knees upon realizing that they will never be able experience the story of a young boy who dies and is resurrected to start a new life vanquishing monsters while accompanied by attractive young women. Surely, anime might never recover from the loss of this iconic and irreplaceable franchise.

“I am very disappointed because I was definitely looking forward to watching this show,” local anime fan Mashima Hiroyuki, 26, told Anime Maru. “I definitely knew this anime existed before this incident happened. Yes.”

“I know this guy said some really bad stuff about Chinese and Korean people a few years ago, and included a completely unnecessary detail in the novel that celebrated a war crime,” another fan told Anime Maru. “But I think isekai anime is just way too important to let these details get in the way.”

Observers have been quick to paint this incident as a sign of change in the anime industry bought on by globalization, an industry formerly known as a free and unrestrained creative outlet. The influence of the Chinese market has warped the enterprise beyond recognition, placing unreasonable restrictions such as not propagating the ideology of racists.

As for the author himself, he has little recourse other than to apologize and move on to his next project: a light novel collaboration with Roseanne Barr.

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