Insightful Anime Discussions Found in Pornhub Comments Section

Despite living in a world more connected than ever before and having access to countless forums, social media outlets, and instant messaging services, meaningful discussion of anime has long been a futile challenge. Discourse often devolve into heated arguments vapid attacks, thanks to armies of keyboard warriors and their desire to prove that their taste in anime fictional characters is superior. Recently, anime fans have begun flocking toward a sanctuary where they can participate in casual conversations about their hobby.

That sanctuary, to the surprise of many, is the comments section of Pornhub videos.

Despite initial impressions, users have shared positive experiences of insightful and meaningful debates on anime with a consistent level of politeness throughout discussions.

“I used to go on reddit a lot, but grew to hate it since whenever I strayed from popular opinion I’d get downvoted and insulted,” said a user under the alias LordChinChin69. “But that doesn’t happen here. We respect all takes, no matter how hot.”

Anime Maru staff found a detailed and nuanced analysis of the use of music as a thematic framing device in the currently airing drama Carole & Tuesday in the comments section of a video titled “Riley Reid Pounded by Monster Cock”. A response provided an insightful background in the production process for the music, and a detailed overview of the careers of the music director and the performers of the various insert songs.

Our staff spent hours on the site, combing through video after video and finding discussions about various anime. Shockingly, people got along even when opinions about the quality of different anime differed, and offered each other helpful recommendations of shows they should watch next.

“It’s a really tight knit anime community,” another user by the name DMmeschoolgirltitties told Anime Maru. “As long as nobody else hears about this and opens the floodgates for normies, it’ll hopefully stay that way.”

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