Introducing the Anime Maru Writing Contest!


Hello, readers. Today the Anime Maru staff are excited to announce the first ever Anime Maru writing contest! Are you interested in trying your hand at anime news parody? Do you want to get your foot in the proverbial door to the world of writing about Japanese cartoons? Do you want to test your writing skill, have your work reviewed, and have fun with a unique challenge? And finally, do you want to score some sweet prizes? If any of these apply to you, you’ve come to the right place today.


Write a fake anime news article that parodies or satirizes any contemporary topic in the anime fandom. Entrants are encouraged to study articles published on Anime Maru as reference examples of what we are looking for. Entries will be judged by our staff for originality, creativity, humor, and quality of writing.

Maximum 2000 words. No image is required.


We have a bunch of incredible shit in kevo’s room he’s trying to get rid of prizes for our winners! (All prizes are in mint, still wrapped, unopened condition)

Grand prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Runner-up Prizescontestants will have the option to choose one of the below in the order that they are judged to place.

  • My Girlfriend is the President (DVD, PC version) – This is that eroge where world leaders are cute girls that you get to date and have hopefully have sex with.
  • Lucky Star Special Limited Edition Volume 2 (DVD, CD, Does not include the shirt) – Holy shit 4 whole episodes of Lucky Star and Kagami’s character album man I am just giving the farm away here.
  • One month of Crunchyroll Premium – We couldn’t get them to sponsor us but what the hell we figure this would be a cool prize.
  • Galaxy Angel S (DVD) – Quite literally the worst anime purchase I ever made. It’s 2 episodes of anime (Galaxy Angel is amazing by the way). Look at the scummy way they make the spine look wide so it looks like you’re getting more. Jeez, buying anime back then was a terrible deal.
  • Love Live! Unit Single 2: Cutie Panther (CD) – I think I was either drunk, high, or both when I bought this at Sakura-Con last year.

All winners also get a special edition broadsheet print version of Anime Maru (which can also be found on our Patreon), their choice of a fine selection of games from the Humble Bundle on Steam, and their article will be published. Selected contestants will also be invited to join our team on a permanent basis if they are interested.


Entries should be submitted to by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, November 20.

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