Intruding Fox Ruins Local Apartment

SENDAI, Japan – A local office worker arrived home to an unpleasant surprise several days ago when he discovered that his apartment had been utterly trashed by an unexpected visitor.

Salaryman Hisako Nagao, 30, entered his home late Wednesday evening to find that a wild fox had gotten into his apartment while he was away at work. Much of Hisako’s furniture and possessions had been ruined, likely due to the animal panicking as it was unable to find its way out of the apartment. Hisako found that his kotatsu had been ripped to shreds, his bed soiled on, and the legs of his desk gnawed to near pieces. The doors to the closet in the main living area had also been clawed open, spilling boxes and their contents all across the floor of the apartment.

“After another exhausting day at work, this was the last thing I needed to come home to,” the defeated looking man stated. “I was at least looking forward to crawling into bed and putting an end to my stressful day. Instead I found that a fox had somehow broken in. I live on the third floor. How did this even happen?”

The fox also appeared to have gotten into the kitchen where it clawed open the refrigerator, eating what little food Hisako had stored. Several cans of beer had been bitten into and knocked to the side, leaving much of the kitchen floor drenched in liquid.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter. I mainly pick up convenience store food anyway,” Hisako told our correspondent. “Sometimes I wish I had someone else around to help out and maybe pamper me a little.”

Local wildlife services were eventually able to contain the fox and remove the animal from Hisako’s home. In a strange occurrence of events, Hisako’s neighbor, a full time mangaka, had a white furred fox break into her apartment the following day where the animal reportedly chewed the cables to her computer and shredded most of her manuscripts.

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