Investigation Reveals Most Anime Never Actually Air on Japanese TV


KYOTO — Sources from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) confirmed last Sunday that an overwhelming majority of anime each season are never actually aired on television.Though more than thirty new shows are produced and marketed by various animation studios each season, the sources plainly stated that only one or two are actually broadcast.

“Foreigners have been paying studios for the right to stream these anime on the internet,” NHK officials told reporters. “Why they would pay money for that trash is beyond our understanding, but the money is welcome.”

A spokesperson also admitted that the industry is well aware of the fansubbing community that has been thriving in the last decade but they “don’t really give a fuck if these crazy weebs want to watch our garbage anime.”

“I hope people don’t think that the night time anime block actually exists,” said TV Tokyo executive Mitsukawa Isao. “We’re not actually wasting airtime on Date A Live or Hitsugi no Chaika. No one in their right mind would take time out of their day to watch that shit.”

Industry insiders claim that about 90% of all anime go directly to DVD. Studios also recoup costs by licensing anime for streaming overseas.

“At this rate, Crunchyroll and Funimation are the only reason Silver Link even exists,” Mitsukawa continued.

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