Iwaaki Hitoshi Confirms Parasyte is Set in the Same Universe as Midori Days


Parasyte mangaka Iwaaki Hitoshi revealed to Anime Maru this week that he actually created romantic comedy manga, Midori Days in 2002. This was seven years after the conclusion of Parasyte.

“Inoue Kazurou? Just an alias. I couldn’t let it get out that I was writing a romantic comedy of all things. Can you imagine the tagline? ‘A romantic comedy manga from the guy who wrote Parasyte?” It’d be a marketing nightmare!”, he told to Anime Maru.

When questioned on his motivation for the sudden change in tone for series, he replied, “After so long drawing gruesome gore and whatnot, I just wanted to try something different. But I figured I had this universe already set in my head so… why not use it?”

And that is how the strange manga about a boy whose right hand is literally a girl came to be. Iwaaki refuses to give exact details as to how the parasitic beings eventually mutated into adorable moe girls.

“Hey, I don’t want to ruin anything for the future here. If times start getting tough I might write that manga that connects Parasyte to Midori Days,” Iwaaki states. “Trust me, it’s gonna have some craaaaazy evolutionary shit.”

Iwaaki claims that since Parasyte was experiencing a boom of popularity following its new anime adaptation and live-action films, he finally felt comfortable revealing the truth to us all.

“It’s been a decade since Midori Days and at this point only the most… curious of manga readers even remember it,” Iwaaki tells Anime Maru. “Yeah, this felt like the right time.”

So at last it seems there is finally an explanation for the similar premises of both series… Darwin be damned.


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