Iyashikei Anime Yet to Cure Young Anime Fan’s Leukemia


9-year old anime fan Tyler Moore has started watching iyashikei anime such as ARIA and Non Non Biyori in the hopes of combating his crippling leukemia, which has left him bedridden for the past four years.

Iyashikei, or “healing” anime have become extremely popular in the last few years. Known more commonly as “slice of life” anime, forum posters have suggested that they might be effective at soothing the soul and treating long term illness.

“I got really into anime about a year ago, since watching it is one of the few things I can do from my hospital bed these days after the chemo takes its toll. I’m really a big fan of shonen action series like Dragon Ball Z and Hunter X Hunter, but recently I saw people online talking about how iyashikei anime were great and helping them out, and I talked it over with my parents and we figured it was worth trying.”

“Honestly, I kind of treat it like medicine, the shows themselves don’t really appeal to me much. They’re mostly pretty boring, not a lot happens besides teenage girls sitting around talking. I don’t like girls much, and I don’t know why people would watch these shows outside of their medicinal value. Still, people on message boards talk all the time about the profound effect these shows have on their lives, so I’m sure if I stick with them they’ll work eventually.”

Tyler Moore then asked his parents if he could watch the latest episode of One Piece, but they told him it was time for his treatment and put on another episode of Hidamari Sketch.

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