Jaded Anime Fan Only Goes to Japan for Family Mart Chicken Nowadays

TOKYO, Japan — Randall Taylor can be found squatting outside a convenience store a short walk from Yoyogi Station, eating in silence and staring out into the rainy night. For Taylor, a 31-year-old San Francisco native, this is his fifth trip to Japan this year.

“I’ve been an anime fan since I was in high school, and when I was finally able to make enough money in my twenties I was so excited to visit for the first time,” Taylor tells Anime Maru. But as the years went on, Taylor began to grow weary of the countless shopping trips in Akihabara.

“Between all the times I’ve been to anisong concerts, cafes, museums, and just riding the trains everywhere, Japan was frankly getting boring,” said Taylor. I don’t even like anime anymore. According to him, only one thing has remained constant and keeps him coming back to Japan: fried chicken from the convenience store chain Family Mart.

“Oh man, that plane ride is worth it the moment I step out of the airport and get one of these and wash it down with a Strong Zero,” Taylor proudly tells our reporter. “It’s the only reason I come visit this place, which has literally nothing else to see or do.”

“I like the convenience store food so much maybe I should move here and teach English,” Taylor concluded.

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