Japan Adds Cheering Someone On to National Emergency Plan

TOKYO, Japan — The Japanese Minister of Disaster Management Yasafumi Aso confirmed in an official announcement today that the act of cheering someone on has been added to the nation’s emergency plan. A island nation of over 120 million people, Japan regularly faces risks of hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Beside advanced evacuation plans and subtle architectural adaptions, Yasafumi’s administration has recently turned to anime for inspiration for disaster preparedness.

“Cheering someone on is so commonplace in anime, and it always leads to the good guys winning,” Yasafumi told the media. “They have to be on to something.”

The Minister went on to state that cheering someone on will only be implemented if “we have absolutely nothing left to lose and the odds seem totally against us,” and will likely be implemented when “a threat, most likely of supernatural nature, can only be stopped by a group of high school students.”

In an additional note, the Minister mentioned that should the cheering on fail to prevent disaster, the national power grid will be upgraded to harness the power of friendship.

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