Japan Announces Plan to Open World’s First WcDonalds



Led by a push for more tourism and money from royalties, Japan has announced the opening of its first official WcDonalds restaurant. News of this restaurant came following a new initiative started by the Japan Tourism Committee to make real-life Japan more like an anime.

News of the restaurant comes as a big blow to major competitor McDonald’s who fired back by making their own anime-style commercial.mcD


The Japan Tourism Committee released this official statement about new restaurant:

We think this will really bring in the weeb money from overseas, as we predict hundreds of thousands of them will flock over here to see and eat at the WcDonald’s just like in their stupid little anime cartoons. We also believe this will be great for our economy as it will also encourage our native Japanese neets and otakus to venture out into sunlight and spend their money on something other than figures. Hell, it may even encourage them to get a job working at said WcDonald’s. And who even knows, maybe they’ll become normal enough to want to reproduce. This restaurant could be a serious game-changer for our country.

The Japan Tourism Committee has also stated there will be a future plan to introduce a Sudoh-bucks in the near future.

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