Japan Assures Rest of World They Aren’t Really That Into Anime or Anything


“What? We just took a picture of a building and that happened to be on it”

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — The closing ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics were staged last Sunday evening, and according to Olympic tradition, a segment from the organizers of the next Summer Olympics was shown. The organizers for Tokyo 2020 showed a promotional video featuring athletes in stereotypical scenes in Tokyo juxtaposed with homages to contemporary Japanese culture. Besides Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appearing as Mario, the segment also included clips from Captain Tsubasa and Doraemon.

Though the segment was warmly received by audiences worldwide, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated earlier this week that “they aren’t really that into anime or anything”.

“Anime? Yeah we’ve seen stuff like Cowboy Bebop but we wouldn’t call ourselves anime fans,” spokesperson Toshiro Akiyama told the media Monday evening.

Akiyama stressed that Tokyo is prepared to host the 2020 Olympics, and that the city offers world-class facilities, modern infrastructure, and perfectly normal hobbies like reading and watching movies.

“Tokyo, and Japan as a whole, is known for many things; we will proudly show that when the Olympics come. Things like the Sky Tree, sushi, temples, Mount Fuji, and uhhh… Pokemon? That’s pretty cool, right?”

Akiyama abruptly ended the press conference and hurried from the stage when a reporter from the Los Angeles Times pointed out that he forgot to take off his Naruto headband.

An official statement released later by the Japanese Olympic Committee confirmed that they casually follow anime, but “not in a weird way, you know.”

At press time, Japanese officials were spotted trying to hide the nation’s collection of 61 million anime figures and 2.3 million dakimakura.

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