Japanese Man Hospitalized After Seeing Genitals in Adult Video


YOKOHAMA, Japan — 24-year-old Nobue Morii was sent to the hospital early Monday morning after accidentally viewing an adult video that had uncensored genitalia. According to investigators, Morii was watching pornography when suddenly he saw images on screen of human reproductive organs, which caused him to enter cardiac arrest.

Japanese law requires all genitals in adult videos, even animated adult videos, be censored. According to research done by the Japanese Institute of Health, the act of viewing a sex organ will cause immediate cardiac arrest in up to 60% of Japanese people. Besides advocating for censorship guidelines on pornography, the institute strongly recommends having sex in the dark and not looking down while showering.

The local police are currently not certain how Morii came into possession of this DVD, an uncensored version of Magical Witch Academy: Boku to Sensei no Magical Lesson The Animation. Authorities did note that hentai produced or sold by shady organizations may not undergo the proper censorship procedures, putting the public health and safety at risk.

“This is why I recommend buying porn only from trusted sources, such as J-List, your friend in Japan!” a strange man passing by proclaiming to be the Japanese “Minister of Personal Health” told Anime Maru.

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