Japanese Man Moves to America To Watch Anime More Easily


Every year, around a million people legally immigrate to the United States. Though the exact reasons vary, most come to seek out employment opportunities, escape oppression, or to live a better life. Recently, Anime Maru came across a Japanese man in a unique situation.

According to 31-year-old accountant Norayuki Ito, he is moving to America to watch anime.

Ito explains that he is a huge anime fan, and while anime and manga are prevalent in Japan, it can be quite a challenge to watch anime. “In Japan, anime is only on television,” Ito told Anime Maru. “The moeshit that I watch only airs late at night, sometimes after midnight; there are no streaming sites to watch at my convenience.”

“They crack down hard on pirates so it’s really scary to torrent. If you miss the airing time, you have to wait months for the Blu-ray. That shit is so expensive!”

Ito explained that one of his online friends introduced him to the western anime industry. At first, he could not believe that people in the west could watch anime online in high definition without text scrolling across the screen.

“It’s amazingly convenient; I can watch all of this season’s anime the day they air by subscribing to Crunchyroll and Funimation — and then torrenting the shows licensed by Netflix,” said Ito.

He has seemingly settled comfortably into American culture: he goes around town in a cowboy hat and works as a Japanese teacher in California as he continues to pursue his hobby.

Ito urges his compatriots to also move to America, calling it an “otaku’s paradise”.

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