Japanese Navy Retroactively Renaming Ships To Avoid Confusion With KanColle


One of the posters promoting the ship renaming campaign

One of the posters promoting the ship renaming campaign

OKINAWA – The Japanese Navy today announced a comprehensive plan to retroactively rename its vessels, including famous ships from history, to avoid confusing them with the popular online game Kantai Collection.

“This is all quite frustrating,” said Admiral Yamada, who is spearheading the renaming effort, during a press conference at the Okinawa Naval Headquarters. “It’s bad enough that most people think the Yamato is a space ship. Nowadays you can’t even Google Kongou without getting pages and pages of fan art for KanColle, or, if you are particularly lucky, for Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

The renaming project is not only about the ships themselves, but includes corrections to instructional material, school text books, and even redubbing old war movies. “It’s all about uniformity,” explains Admiral Yamada. “We are trying to teach our children of Japan’s proud naval history, but instead they end up complaining about their lack of Bauxite or their poor PvP performance.”

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