Japanese ‘Ping Pong the Animation’ Viewers Unfamiliar with Concept of Subtitles


OSAKA — While the critical reception of the new anime Ping Pong the Animation has been generally positive, Tatsunoko Productions has been overwhelmed with fan complaints that they cannot follow the dialogue of Chinese character Kong Wenge.

Kong is voiced in Mandarin by Chinese voice actor Bun Yousei, and his dialogue is accompanied by Japanese subtitles in the television broadcast.

“I can’t freaking read subtitles while I’m trying to concentrate on the animation,” a 2ch comment read.

“I’ve never seen subtitles in anime before,” another commentor stated, “I don’t get it, are they expecting me to read when I’m watching TV?”

A Tastunoko Productions source reported that fan complaints have been generally revolving around how difficult Kong’s character is to understand. Japanese fans are not accustomed to not understanding the language of the dialogue, and this has prompted “confusion and rage,” the source continued.

“Subtitles are on the bottom of the screen. Most of the action is near the top of the screen. Science much? Thanks, Tastunoko,” another angry comment read.

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