Japanese Prime Minister Proposes Revision of “Peace Clause” by Making an Exception for Mechs

TOKYO, Japan —  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continued their campaign for revision of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (often known as the “Peace Clause”), which forbids the nation from waging war or maintaining a military, by proposing an exception for mechs.

The initiative was announced during a press conference where Prime Minister Abe addressed the crowd atop a 20-meter-high mech mock up.

“Japan is a nation of peace and love,” said Abe. “But tradition also states that governments and mechs aiming for the stars need the freedom to do whatever is needed for total victory.”

Otaku have taken to the streets in support of the proposed amendment, organizing rallies to create public support and raise awareness of common misconceptions about Gundam.

“I’ve studied Japanese culture ever since puberty,” American mecha fan George Smith told Anime Maru. “As far as I know the entire history of Japan is based on mechs as the main means of dealing with ethical issues and doing cool battles.”

Abe concluded his press conference by announcing plans to scour the country for a diverse group of mech pilots consisting of young Japanese men, one stereotypical foreigner, and at most one kawaii young lady who all have easily remembered catch phrases and share a distaste of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

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