Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Admits his Economic Policy was Inspired by ‘Spice and Wolf’


TOKYO, Japan — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has struggled to stave off criticism of his various economic reforms he has enacted under the policy of “Abenomics” during his second term as Prime Minister. According to observers, the Japanese economy has long struggled to find any sort of foothold in the 21st century as a massive economy that has quite a lot of activity overseas but very little substantial consumer spending within Japan itself.

Abe has instituted an increase in sales tax, budgeted various kinds of stimulus spending to increase inflation, and has been working hard to build bilateral relations in central Asia to increase bilateral trade. To confront research that shows that the Japanese economy that is still struggling to match GDP projections, Abe held a press conference to discuss his intentions regarding the economy.

Abe admitted that he felt more confident about being able to fix the economy after watching the popular fantasy economy anime Spice and Wolf.

As many of you know, my first [2006-2007] term as Prime Minister was not successful. After those 11 months, I struggled with my self esteem. When Spice and Wolf began to air in 2008, however, I realized that the economic changes I tried to make during that term made no sense. I realized that my economic knowledge was paltry to the great Craft Lawrence’s knowledge and studied his teachings intently. I realized during my 3rd marathon of the whole series that a man shouldn’t leave regret behind in a village, but good memories. Therefore, I pushed to be elected as PM a second time, but as it turns out you can’t change the economy of an entire modernized country after watching an anime about medieval bartering.

Abe went on to apologise profusely for the rest of the speech, but the more pressing issue currently is the fact that all of Abe’s economic policies have been based on an anime. Japan has already started its uproar online but has managed to keep itself going in day-to-day life. It’s unknown, however, how long this antebellum will last. Ironically, any Spice and Wolf merchandise sold out almost immediately overnight, and the various sources of figures, light novels, and Anime Blu-rays are pushing to put out more product to reap the profit before the bottom of this issue falls out. Ironically, Abe seems to have added a bit of a jump start into the anime industry while the Japanese economy as a whole continues to sink.

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