Japanese Public Shocked By “Perverted” Anime Content


TOKYO, Japan — In what is quickly developing into a national scandal, Japanese watchdog group Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) revealed last July that large portions of the content in broadcasted anime contain themes that are considered to be sexually illicit, creepy, or downright pornographic by mainstream audiences. The unsuspecting Japanese public had previously not been aware that a medium featuring highly sexualized pre-pubescent girls, enormous mammaries, and half human, half animal abominations could send such controversial messages.

The complaints shared by the BPO did not explicitly name any single offending anime. However, the Anime News Network’s crack investigative team have implicated the currently airing show Shimoneta. Shimoneta, which features a broad array of comedic innuendo and a hilarious subplot regarding a character’s repeated attempts to rape the protagonist, seems to have crossed the line by failing to sufficiently censor words concerning genitalia. Perhaps even more shocking is the BPO’s second complaint, accusing the show PriPara of featuring an ending sequence depicting young girls on the beach in bathing suits. Such imagery came as a shock to a Japanese public not used to anime depicting female characters in states of undress.

From social media to city streets, Japanese citizens have been quick to voice their outrage.

“It’s shocking, absolutely shocking,” Akihabara resident Itou Kichijiro told Anime Maru Tuesday morning. “To think that a classy medium like anime could feature such lewdness. It’s absolutely unprecedented. Won’t someone think of the children?” Itou apologetically declined to provide a lengthier statement, as he was in a hurry to purchase the recently released dakimakura of snake-woman Miia from the popular anime Monster Musume, a situational comedy about one man living with several monsters and the chaste, family friendly shenanigans that ensue.

Anime Maru stands with the Japanese in their condemnation of such lewd material and urges readers to boycott offensive shows like Shimoneta and PriPara in favor of more tasteful programming such as Prison School, Prisma Illya, and the aforementioned Monster Musume.

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