Jealousy Leads To Tension on Set of Nanana’s Buried Treasure


NANAE ISLAND – The filming of the anime Nanana’s Buried Treasure has been encountering difficulties lately due to tension among the cast, according to a new exposé in Ginga Gossip magazine.

The story in Ginga Gossip alleges that members of the cast such as Ikkyuu Tensai and Yama Juugo have been increasingly displeased by the fact that the show’s titular character, Ryuugajou Nanana, doesn’t really contribute to the plot, barely has any screen time, and mostly just sits around eating pudding, playing video games, and watching anime.

A source close to Tensai told the magazine: “She’s really pissed. She does all the heavy lifting like solving the riddles and getting the treasure, flirting with the MC, and maintaining a vague relationship with the maid who is actually a guy, and what does she get for it? Some spinoff novel no one has even heard of.”

Ginga Gossip claims that the cast have not yet seen the scripts for the final episodes, but that they have agreed to strike if it turns out Nanana and Juugo end up together, because, as Juugo himself reportedly said, “that would be fucking bullshit.”

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