JJ Abrams Criticizes Brynhildr For Use Of Lens Flare


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Director JJ Abrams, who is currently busy directing the new Star Wars movie, has lashed out at the creators of the anime Brynhildr in the Darkness for their excessive use of lens flare to censor parts deemed too racy to air on Japanese TV.

“If you are going to steal my shtick, at least do it for artistic reasons,” wrote Abrams on his blog, “but as a boring censorship tool that’s just there to hide nudity and gore? That’s a bit insulting. I don’t see anyone ripping off the Wachowskis’ bullet time shots to pan around so you don’t see the girl’s oppai. Noooo. Their stuff is only stolen for artistic reasons. It’s not fair, damn it!”

The creators were surprised to learn that Abrams cared so much, since they themselves stopped caring about this show at least three weeks ago.

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