Joe Biden Uses ‘Little Witch Academia’ Meme to Reassure Supporters

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Following in the footsteps of fellow Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson, former Vice President Joe Biden has released on Facebook a Little Witch Academia meme to reassure potential supporters of the viability of his campaign.

“The old MAGIC is still here, you just need to believe,” declared Joe Biden through words typed over an image from Little Witch Academia posted on his Facebook page. “The best days of hope lie ahead, just believe in me like we all believed in Akko.”

Facebook users offered support for Biden’s post.

“Joe’s right. We have to believe in the magic, it is what Little Witch Academia taught us,” said Martin Morrisey. “Joe might be a little awkward, it may look like he didn’t study at all for the first debate, but how many anime lead characters fit that same description? I’m sure he’ll still win for us!”

“Joe may not be looking so strong but maybe it takes time for him to get his full powers, like with One for All,” stated supporter Justin Sabat. “Work hard, Uncle Joe!”

Other social media users, however, were divided on the effectiveness of this bold new campaign strategy.

“I’m just not sure if Joe is a real otaku, he might just be pandering for our votes,” tweeted Twitter user RealOtaku2020. “Like, if he had used a JoJo meme I would have believed he was for real.”

“What post are you talking about?” said Instagram user FateStay1998. “I only really use Instagram and Snapchat, like isn’t Facebook just for old people?”

Anime Maru reached out the the Biden campaign on his opinion of Magical Sempai but were told by a staffer he only watches dubbed anime on Netflix.

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