Joe Biden Vows to Defeat Other World Line Self

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expressed in an interview earlier today that he was prepared to defeat his other self in the upcoming election.

“I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years, and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden,” the former vice president confidently stated.

Biden is of course referring to his alternate self who suddenly appeared from another dimensional timeline a little over a week ago. Despite coming from a world with a slightly different sequence of events, the other Biden still seems to display matching personality traits with the current world line’s Biden, leading to confusion among supporters.

The entry of another opponent has shaken up the political debate field. With the other Biden winning the Democratic nomination in his own timeline, technically both candidates are now able to run in the presidential election. Both Bidens have since made similar claims about having what it takes to win the election and unite the country as a series of unprecedented events continues to shake the nation.

“The appearance of this other Joe Biden is really quite fascinating and brings with it a whole new array of considerations,” said theoretical physicist Robert Friedrich whose team has been studying this new phenomenon.

“Although we are still uncertain how Joe Biden seeing his own self from another timeline has somehow not resulted in a paradox leading to the collapse of spacetime itself. We assume this is primarily due to Biden simply lacking the self-awareness to be able to fully recognize the situation.”

Researchers have tested this theory by placing a mirror in front of Joe Biden to which he responded by attempting to engage in a debate with his reflection being going off on a tangent about his former experience working with Barrack Obama.

While the total destruction of the fabric of spacetime was seen as a preferable outcome by some for the 2020 presidential election, political analysts did not see it as a likely possibility.

It is unknown how exactly this new development will end up affecting the election although initial surveys have shown relatively strong performance by Joe Biden so far with him polling at least second in all major swing states.

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