Kancolle Cosplayer Arrested After Being Mistaken For Runaway Naval Officer

Picture of Admiral Kimura. Or is it Mr. Yoshimori? Even we aren't sure anymore...

Picture of Admiral Kimura. Or is it Mr. Yoshimori? Even we aren’t sure anymore…

TOKYO, Japan – A fan of the popular browser game Kantai Collection (Kancolle) was arrested yesterday after being mistaken by military police for a naval officer who took an unauthorized leave of absence.

Yoshimori Takeshi, 25, was on his way to a Kancolle fan event, and was wearing an admiral’s uniform. Kancolle players assume the role of fleet admiral, and therefore male cosplayers traditionally don the uniform and take pictures with the ship girls at events and conventions.

At the same time, military police were searching for Kimura Tsugahara, 45, an admiral with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, who had violated orders and abandoned his post earlier that day. When the MPs spotted Mr. Yoshimori, they assumed he was the runaway Admiral Kimura and arrested him: “What were we supposed to do, question everyone wearing an admiral’s uniform?” asked Military Police Staff Sargent Morimoto, who conducted the arrest. “We saw the admiral uniform and figured it had to be the guy. We want to apologize and promise that the military police does not target Kancolle fans whatsoever. It was an honest mistake.”

Despite the apology, however, Anime Maru has learned that Mr. Yoshimori has hired an ace attorney.

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