Karaoke Staff Tired of Hearing Evangelion Theme

OSAKA, Japan – Employees at a karaoke establishment have grown sick of hearing a particular song every single night, according to local reports.

The song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, known for being used in the opening of the hit anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, is a popular song at Karaoke World, being picked by customers at least once each day and increasingly more so on weekends. Workers claim they have heard the song so many times that they are starting to wish to never have to hear it ever again.

“When you work at a karaoke parlor, originality is something you come to not expect with the song choices,” attendant Kitamura Yunosuke stated. “But after hearing that song back to back every Saturday night I sometimes just want to take the drink coasters and cover my ears with them.”

While most songs go through waves of popularity, Evangelion’s theme is unique as it has maintained a top spot among anime karaoke songs for over 20 years. The years of repetition seems to be the main cause for the decreased tolerance among the venue’s staff members. Some believe it to be the amateurish vocal renditions that truly make the repetition so unbearable.

The karaoke rooms are mostly sound isolated although staff claim they can still hear the muffled verses of the song echoing through the building. Waiting staff have it the most difficult, having to enter the rooms to deliver drinks often while the song is still playing.

Karaoke World experimented dealing with the issue by removing the song from its listings. The decision was retracted, however, after a group of guests supposedly selected the song “Let It Go” from Frozen over fifteen times as a substitute.

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