‘Keijo!!!!!!!!’ Tops Fall Season in Exclamation Points


Traditionally, the fall is the strongest anime season in terms of quality. This season of anime has been no exception; highly anticipated titles such as 3-gatsu no Lion and Hibike Euphonium 2 have been hyped for several weeks. But while the Fall 2016 season of anime is still in its early stage, one show has distinguished itself from the rest in terms of exclamation points: Keijo!!!!!!!!.

A innovative new anime about girls competing to knock each other off platforms while wearing swimsuits, Keijo!!!!!!!! features an unheard of eight exclamation points in its title. Experts have already claimed that Keijo!!!!!!!! has the most exclamation points in recent memory and may already be in contention to have the most exclamation points ever.

It is no doubt that fans, much like the title of the anime, are filled with excitement over Keijo!!!!!!!!, but some critics are skeptical of the show’s early praise.

“I mean, sure Keijo!!!!!!!! has lots of exclamation points, but people saying it’s the most exclamation ever are overreacting; we’re only one episode in for crying out loud,” Matthew Zimmerman of Matt’s Anime Review Blog tells Anime Maru. “Typical anime fans, something new and shiny comes along and they forget the classics like Shugo Chara!!! Dokki Doki Party and Cowboy Bebop!!

Most critics have been raving about Keijo!!!!!!!! — the show has already distinguished itself from contenders by containing 29% of this season’s exclamation points. Other inferior anime of note are Yuri!!! On Ice and Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!+!Hibike! Euphonium, with only one exclamation point, proved to be a disappointment and objectively demonstrated that Kyoto Animation is overrated.

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