‘Kemono Friends’ to Return as a Podcast

Kadokawa announced this week that beloved anime franchise Kemono Friends would be making a return later this year in the form of a series of podcasts.

Each episode will feature characters from the series discussing various trending topics and personal opinions. The podcasts will take a different approach from the original season and not involve the Friends going on any adventures; instead, the Friends will talk about things other people have done and share their thoughts in a round-table format. Episodes will have no set time limit and are said to typically run between 2 to 3 hours.

Despite the new structure, Kadokawa seemed confident that fans would return to the series for the new entry. The second season of Kemono Friends received generally poor reception when it aired last year, causing the publisher to rethink how the show should be handled.

In a preview for the first podcast episode, Serval is seen talking with Kaban about current drama involving several YouTubers. They are soon joined by Tsuchinoko who throws out a casually racist statement before continuing on with the discussion. Later in the podcast, Toki appears as a guest to talk about her new solo album that she recently released on SoundCloud.

It has yet to be revealed what else may be in store for the Kemono Friends franchise, although it has been hinted that some of the Friends have been thinking about getting into game streaming as well.

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