Kentaro Miura Dies for the Third Time This Month

Berserk dead


So soon after the video game world was rocked by news of the death of beloved Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, anime fans have been shocked to the core by the recent death of famed Berserk author Kentaro Miura. After having drawn the iconic series since 1989, Miura suffered a massive stroke during his 48 hour marathon session of THE iDOLM@STER. This report comes from reddit user GriffithPhoLife who assures us that his dad works on Berserk. This comes at an awkward time, as all rumors seemed to indicate that Berserk would be ending it’s lengthy hiatus and returning to monthly publication. With only the first of a planned 6 chapters having come out, fans are reasonably miffed.

As reported a week ago on ANN and the week prior by Kotaku, this will be the third time this month that Miura has been reported dead. Indeed, in years past, reports of his untimely demises have always coincided with periods of the manga’s downtime. Naturally a large majority of these reports have come in from the most trustworthy sources; Anonymous posters on Imageboards.

One can only wonder, as his number of deaths begin to rack up, how much mounting funeral costs must be. This, combined with the enormous effort of digging himself out of the grave and walking home does go a long way to explaining his numerous, and often lengthy, hiatus’ on the legendary series he began nearly 30 years ago.

When asked whether they expected further delay, Berserk publisher Young Animal magazine reportedly said, “It’s not like he could draw it any slower.”

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