Key Visual Arts To Delay Angel Beats VN Again

Visual novel developer and publisher Key Visual Arts announced today on their Twitter feed that they will once again be delaying the release of Angel Beats! 1st Beat!


“One of our play-testers discovered a small typo in our near-final build. He can’t exactly remember when or where he saw it but he’s pretty sure it’s there,” Key Visual President Takahiro Baba, stated to reporters.

The play-tester in question, a certain Mahiro Nakamura noted, “Something was off definitely. I didn’t bother writing it down because the experience was so captivating, but I know I saw a typo somewhere… but I’ve already received my 300¥ check for the 200 hours I spent play-testing the game, so I’m out of here.”

When questioned further, Baba replied, “Obviously such a grievous error is unacceptable, we will not rest until the typo is found and corrected! We owe that much to our customers who value our quality products. We are prepared to continue to continually delay the first volume of this six-volume series however long it takes.”


The game has already been delayed several times in the past for various reasons. When asked how he felt consumer loyalty may diminish as a result of the constant blue-balling, Baba responded, “Honestly, I don’t even know why you filthy gaijin care. We’ll never localize it for you, no matter how much you beg us.”

He then had Anime Maru staff escorted out of the building by armed guards. Cries of “LONG LIVE GLORIOUS JAPAN!” could be heard in the background.

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