Kill La Kill Creators Admit to Using Pixiv for Ideas


TOKYO – In a new interview with Shounen Kuso magazine, Kill la Kill creators Kazuki Nakashima and Hiroyuki Imaishi admitted to mining the fan art website Pixiv for ideas.

“We just couldn’t help it,” confessed Nakashima. “Once the show began to air, Pixiv immediately became a hub of interesting fan art that involved weird shipping, crossovers, role reversals, and gender benders that were simply too good to ignore.”

“Gamako was totally a Pixiv idea,” adds Imaishi, who pointed out a room full of Trigger interns who spend their days scanning the various Kill la Kill tags on Pixiv for popular ideas. “There was crazy amounts of Mako x Gamagoori shipping going on and I said to Kazuki: ‘Why not give the people want they want? Do you know what a shit storm this will create on 4chan? The gloating will be epic!'”

The two did not seem contrite, and were even proud of their new tactic. According to Nakashima, “it’s a giant time saver. Instead of sitting around trying to figure out what to do, we just see what the people want us to do and go with it. Satsuki wearing Senketsu? Whatever. Mako wearing Senketsu? Why not? Hell, we might even do a whole Idol episode where everyone has a Senketsu outfit. It worked for KyoAni with Kyoukai no Kanata, didn’t it?”

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