Kiryu Coco Joins Millions of Graduates Looking for Work

Kiryu Coco officially graduated from Hololive earlier today, joining the countless number of new graduates struggling in the job market. According to a recent survey, over 40% of new graduates in the last two years are still looking for work. Despite graduating with honors and even being invited to speak at her graduation, Kiryu currently does not have any job prospects lined up.

The dragon incarnate recognized that at age 3,501 she probably should have moved out of the house by now, but regardless of the setback she added that there was “no stopping Kiryu Coco.”

The job market for new graduates is competitive and complicated by the pandemic, but there is some hope for young graduates in the job market, claims Natasha Maier, a human resources specialist at national recruiting firm Robert Half.

“Unique skills like being multilingual, having experience performing in front of large crowds, and having a large network of people who know you are all attractive to employers,” said Maier. “We’re currently looking for people who play Yakuza a lot and take restroom breaks very quickly.”

“Graduates in STEM fields, or ones who have more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, are also more likely to find work.”

Maier also highlighted that in the current pandemic landscape, people need to adopt to the unique format of Zoom interviews.

“Anyone who wants a shot in this job market needs to be comfortable interacting through a computer screen.”

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